"Great beauty can be found in cinema and in religion. In this insightful, entertaining and informative study, Mike King explores culture and the spiritual essence of religious Judaism through the medium of film. Inclusive, multicultural and intelligently critical – recommended." - William Bloom, author and director of Spiritual Companions Trust.

"Wise, erudite and affectionate, this is a book for aficionados of the cinema who appreciate the distinctive Jewish contribution to the premier art form of our times. Both intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying, The Beauty of Judaism on Film is a worthy and lovingly compiled contribution to both film studies and Jewish learning." - Rabbi Howard Cooper, Finchley Reform Synagogue.

"The Beauty of Judaism on Film is a fascinating introductory resource which seeks to reconstruct the beauty of mystical Judaism and it is all the more distinctive for using films rather than academic scholarship to frame this book. This book has a clear audience outside academia and it gives rich and idiosyncratic insight into over 40 films, including Yentl and The Jazz Singer, including detailed plot synopses to aid the reader. A particular stand-out is King’s critique of Woody Allen’s Crimes and Misdemeanors which offers a deliciously atypical reading of why the film falls short when it comes to representing Judaism on celluloid." - Dr Chris Deacy, Reader in Theology and Religious Studies, University of Kent.


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The Beauty of Judaism on Film

Non-fiction, 2017

Watch films and discover the living religion of Judaism

This unique guide to Judaism on film explores over forty cinematic productions leading up to the ten-best ever films to convey the religion on screen. This book shows that despite being a faith with few outward symbols the inner dramas of Judaism lend themselves well to cinema. Both highly popular and readily-available lesser-known films are used to explore the following themes:

  1. Essential Judaism
  2. Musical Judaism
  3. Mystical Judaism
  4. Crazed Judaism
  5. Secular Judaism
  6. Holocaust Judaism
  7. Israel Judaism
  8. Gendered Judaism
  9. Family Judaism
This book forms both an introduction to Judaism through film and the basis for a film club or study group.