Stochastic Essays

Stochastic Papers is the home for shorter writings by Mike King. Many have been previously published in journals or as book chapters and are now available here in PDF format. All are in-depth examinations of varied worlds. Served up differently.

For books by Mike King see Stochastic Books.

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Other Writings

For a complete list of writings by Mike King go to jnani writings.


Complete Essays Listing

The Writing of Mountain Calls, 2018
Aristotle’s ‘Terrible’ and the Cinema of Excess, 2018
Nature Mysticism: The writings of Traherne, Whitman, Jefferies and Krishnamurti, 2017 (1996)
Why Secularism Matters for Peace in the Middle East, 2017
Cutting “God” Down to Size: Transcendence and the Feminine, 2009
Honey I Shrunk the State, 2014
The Epistemology of Spiritual Happiness, 2016
Against Consilience: Outsider Scholarship and the Isthmus Theory of Knowledge Domains, 2013
Concerning the Spiritual in Twentieth-Century Art and Science, 1998