Mountain Calls is a smorgasbord of an adventure which pulls you into its rich host of characters with the backdrop of classic Vienna coffee houses and their famous history. You'll find yourself effortlessly deep in debates over climate change, animism, Marxism, futurism, film studies, while you try to figure out what's behind the suspense between the characters. And if that weren't enough, it’s rolled into one with adventures out on a snowy mountain called the Rax. A hugely inventive and enjoyable read.” – Chris Parish, author of Being British: Our Once & Future Selves.


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"... one of those rare writers who is as comfortable in the arts as in the sciences. He has written both novels with great plot twists and erudite works covering the history of ideas and philosophical questions. Here he has combined both in one amazing book, with the added theme of addressing the very future of our planet."

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Mountain Calls

Fiction, 2017

It has Zen. It has motorcycles. It has talking mountains.

Theobald Ussher is repeatedly called to a mountain in Austria where he appears to have a fatal accident. Was he murdered? Does it matter in comparison to the species loss that industrialization is bringing about? Between visits to walk alone across the snow-bound plateau of the Rax and commune with Nature amidst dangerous blizzards Theobald Ussher collects an international group of dynamic personalities to debate the environmental crisis in Viennese cafés. Any of them might have reasons to want Theo dead. Who skied out on that fateful day to murder him? And who is really prepared to listen to what the mountain has said to Theo?