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I wrote this paper over 20 years ago as coursework for the MA Studies in Mysticism and Religious Experience at the University of Kent at Canterbury. Looking back on it I realise that the content is not just still highly meaningful for me, but that I have lived it all this time.

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The purpose of this essay is to attempt an investigation of what a 'nature mysticism' might be as indicated primarily by four writers: Traherne, Whitman, Jefferies, and Krishnamurti. These have been chosen because their writings are substantially mystical or at least because their mysticism is more easily identified than with others such as Wordsworth and a whole range of other writers and poets through the ages.

Nature Mysticism

The writings of Traherne, Whitman, Jefferies and Krishnamurti

Keywords: Nature mysticism, Thomas Traherne, Walt Whitman, Richard Jefferies, Jiddu Krishnamurti, William James, Evelyn Underhill.

First published: Stochastic Press.

Year: 2017 (1996), no of words: 16,310